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    I agree to not hold Christ's Forgiveness Ministries, or any of its members, mentors, elders or pastors liable for: 1. Services rendered, or for any consequences of such services including counsel, discipleship, declaration of doctrinal beliefs, deliverance, prophecy and healing. 2. Any resulting mental, spiritual, or physical problems resulting during or after the above services including (Should you suffer a heart attack, stroke, paralysis, mental anguish, physical, emotional, or spiritual disability). I hereby give up my right for any recourse, injunctive action, or lawsuit for this attempt to receive counsel, discipleship, deliverance, healing, prophecy and all related services from Christ's Forgiveness Ministries and its members and leaders. I also agree to let Christ's Forgiveness Ministries: 1. Video record the deliverance session and its related services for accountability, case reviews, broadcast, follow-up, deliverance training, and assistance to others in need