Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries (CFM) is a Non-denominational Christian Ministry founded by David Lynn who is a planting, pastoral and evangelistic figure within Toronto, Canada. Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries’ (CFM) mission is to impact the world through radical evangelism, church planting, and discipleship and also hopes to provide training, one on one mentoring, covering and support for Churches and aspiring Evangelists and Pastor’s who feel the calling to Radical Evangelistic and Pastoral Ministry.


CFM is embarking on a mission to set up Gospel Booths and Evangelists on every major street corner and plant CFM trained churches throughout the globe to both unite churches and that Christ will truly be present in our nation. We provide group and online Evangelism training and support to established churches and oversight to new Pastors and evangelists seeking to impact this nation for Jesus.  We are a registered Not-For-Profit Charity in Canada and have a global presence through youtube